A simple screening test that provides reliable answers about the health of a developing fetus. It only requires a small sample of the mother’s blood.

Why should you get screened?

myPrenatal is a non-invasive test that screens for the 3 most common syndromes

Down Syndrome

Down syndrome (trisomy 21) is associated with developmental and intellectual delays, ranging from mild to severe

Edwards Syndrome

Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18) is a condition that causes severe developmental delays and birth defects

Patau Syndrome

Patau syndrome (trisomy 13) is a condition that causes severe intellectual disability and physical defects.

Additional screening for the following sex chromosome conditions can be requested at no additional cost:

  • Turner syndrome (monosomy X)
  • Triple X (XXX)
  • Klinefelter syndrome (XXY)
  • Jacobs syndrome (XYY)
myPrenatal test is:

Routine, non-invasive blood draw, from the mother, requiring just one tube of blood (7–10 ml).


Directly analyzes cell-free fetal and maternal DNA with our proprietary Safer algorithm; very low failure rate (0.1%).


Test as early as 10 weeks (gestational age). No limitations regarding ethnicity, BMI, ART or egg donor cases.


Results reported to provider 7-10 days after sample receipt. (Time to report may vary based on partner laboratory providing the test.)

What do you get?

A report with your results is provided to your physician with 3 possible outcomes

  1. No aneuploidy detected — No extra or missing chromosomes were detected
  2. Aneuploidy suspected (borderline value)
  3. Klinefelter syndrome (XXY)
  4. Aneuploidy detected — missing chromosomes were detected

Both “aneuploidy suspected (borderline value)” and “aneuploidy detected” results should be confirmed by an invasive procedure if a more definitive diagnosis is desired.

How to get started


Order the test

Contact the distributor at the bottom of this page


Collect your sample

Physician or lab personnel collect your sample


Sample is processed

Your sample gets processed at VeritasGenetics’ CLIA lab


Your report is ready

VeritasGenetics interprets your results and provides a report to your physician


Superior technology for informative non-invasive prenatal screening

myPrenatal uses an advanced technology called “Massively Parallel Sequencing” to analyze millions of DNA fragments per sample and accurately count the number of chromosomes present. It then uses a special Safer calculation method to determine if there are too many or too few copies of these chromosomes in your baby.

  • Superior technology — Strong clinical evidence showing across-the-genome analysis in a real-world population
  • Comprehensive analysis — Provides option of comprehensive sex chromosome analysis
  • Informative results — Helpful classification of results
  • Microdeletion and other aneuploidies option — Additional information on selected microdeletions and other aneuploidies (Trisomy 9, Trisomy 16) is also available


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About VeritasGenetics

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